The award will recognize businesses/organizations that has impact on a community by making the community more attractive.

Specific Eligibility Requirements

  • The recipient will enhance the quality of life and attract people to the community
  • Promote and add vibrancy to the well-being, health and development of the community
  • Demonstrate long-term community engagement
  • Demonstrate attraction and retention of volunteer and/or staff participation
  • Showcase the region through marketing, community events, and/or programs
  • Promote cultural activities, tourism, and/or sporting events

General Eligibility Requirements

To be a valid entry in the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction, your business must:

  • Be operational in Alberta for a minimum of 3 fiscal years
  • Be operating in Alberta at the time of nomination and at the time of the awards presentation
  • Employ Albertans to produce goods and/or provide services
  • The business must demonstrate financial viability and sound potential for growth
  • Not have won in the same category in the past three years
  • Not have anyone in your management, on your board, or in your employ serving on the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction judging committee for this category
  • If you are a non-for-profit organization, no more than 30% of annual revenue can be directly funded by Government envelopes. This does not apply to regular procurement

Sacha Knorr
Manager, Events Marketing & Talent Development
Alberta Chambers of Commerce
#714 Ledgeview, 9707 110 St NW
Edmonton, AB T5K 2L9


Other Categories

Customer Service Award of Distinction

Recognizes a business/organization that is successful in improving customer experiences in a measurable & strategic way.

Diversity Award of Distinction

Recognizes an inclusive business/organization which demonstrates best practices in recognizing and appreciating diversity so that employees, clients, customers and others are respected and valued as unique individuals.

Global Growth Award of Distinction

Recognizes a business/organization that demonstrates outstanding achievement in exporting products or services outside of Canada’s borders.

Health and Wellness Award of Distinction

Recognizes a business/organization that demonstrates best practices when it comes to initiatives, programs, and benefits that enhance the physical and mental health and well-being of its employees.