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Arts and Culture Award of Distinction


Applications are welcome from small and large non-profit organizations that enrich Alberta’s arts and culture scene. This award recognizes a cultural and art organization that demonstrates outstanding achievement and contribution to their community and at the same time develops business acumen and management practices to ensure their long term sustainability.

If you would like to nominate a business or organization please proceed to the nominate page.

Award applicants are not required to be a member of an Alberta Chamber of Commerce. 

Entry Deadline:

In order to be eligible, your submission must be received by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce office no later than TBD. Due to the number of entries received, entry packages cannot be returned. If unable to submit your application electronically, please submit a printed copy of this form and all other documents to the following:

2018 Alberta Business Awards of Distinction
c/o Alberta Chambers of Commerce
1808 – 10025 – 102A Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2Z2

General Eligibility Requirements

To be a valid entry in the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction, your business must:

  • have operated in Alberta for a minimum of three years
  • be operating in Alberta and continue to do so at the time of the awards presentation
  • employ Albertans to produce art & cultural performances, exhibitions or experiences
  • not have won in the same category in the past three years
  • not have anyone in your management, on your board, or in your employ serving on the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction judging committee for this category
  • be registered as a non-profit organization in Alberta
  • demonstrate good financial management practices

Specific Eligibility Requirements

In addition to the General Eligibility, applicants must meet the following specific requirements. To begin your application process, please provide details for each requirement as it relates to your organization in the space provided.

  • community involvement over and above their main endeavour
  • operate year round
  • foster greater visibility and understanding of the value of arts & culture
  • encourage excellence and build new leadership within the arts & culture community
  • excellent working relationships and involvement within the business community

To begin your application process, please provide concise details for each requirement as it relates to your organization in the space provided. All fields are required.

STEP TWO: The Alberta’s Best of Business Award of Distinction form is mandatory to apply for this award and must be completed.

Business Profile

Business Legal Name

Business Operating Name

(as you require it to appear in print)

Name of Owner(s) or CEO



Address (Head Office)

Address (Operating Office)



Number of Employees in Alberta

Date of Incorporation (if applicable) (DD/MM/YYYY)

Date Operations Commenced in Alberta (DD/MM/YYYY)

Product and/or Service Supplied

Submitter Profile

Submitter Name


Submitter Email

Submitter Phone

Submitter Fax

How did you hear of the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction

Submission Details

It is highly recommended that applicants submit a comprehensive document that addresses each of the components as outlined in this section. Please attach your proposal and any supporting documents to this application form.

Describe the organization—its history, products and/or services, financial and other performance indicators, markets and plans for growth, etc.

Discuss challenges the organization encountered in planning and establishing the business, and explain how they were overcome.

Describe the business/organizations achievements over the past three years.

Describe the business/organizations positive impact on the community.

What is the organization doing to remain competitive in the Arts & Culture market?

What is the biggest operational challenge for the organization? What measures are being taken to overcome that challenge?

Why do you feel your organization is a good candidate for this award?

Provide any additional information that you think might help us evaluate your submission.

Alberta's Best of Business Award of Distinction

Finalists in all award categories are eligible for the Alberta's Best of Business Award of Distinction and must complete the form fields below with this specific category entry application to be eligible for the Alberta's Best of Business Award.

This prestigious award is presented to an Alberta business that:

  • is helping to build a better Alberta
  • demonstrates outstanding achievement and leadership
  • demonstrates ongoing, consistent involvement in community events and organizations locally and/or provincially.

The winner will be announced to media across the province and will be presented with a special award at the Gala.

How does your organization build a better Alberta? (For example, leading edge thinking, risk taking, entrepreneurial practices, environmental responsibility, global focus, fun, friendly attitude)

How does your organization demonstrate outstanding achievement and leadership in Alberta? (For example, describe your organization’s productivity, successful ventures, innovation, diversity, ethical practices)

Describe your organization’s ongoing and consistent involvement in community events and local and/or provincial organizations.

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