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Indigenous Relations- Best Practice Award of Distinction


The Indigenous Relations – Best Practice Award of Distinction is given to a non-Indigenous business that demonstrates outstanding achievements in Indigenous relations, including economic development, employment and training, and Indigenous community support.

This award recognizes a non-Indigenous business that best links these pillars and is recognized by the Indigenous community as such. Applicants are encouraged to provide examples of best practices that illustrate ongoing commitment and continual improvement in this endeavor.

If you would like to nominate a business or organization, please proceed to the nomination page.

Specific Eligibility Requirements


In addition to meeting the general eligibility requirements, judges will consider the extent to which initiatives describe outstanding business achievement through:

  • Incorporation of intercultural relations and Indigenous values into organizational culture and business practices
  • Value-added benefits to Indigenous communities and individuals in at least one Alberta community as a result of implementing best practices, including economic development, employment and training, and community engagement
  • Meaningful action to advance the principles of reconciliation through the organization’s policies and business practices


General Eligibility Requirements


To be a valid entry in the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction, your business must:

  • Be operational in Alberta for a minimum of 3 fiscal years
  • Be operating in Alberta and continue to do so at the time of the awards presentation
  • Employ Albertans to produce goods and/or provide services
  • The business must demonstrate financial viability and sound potential for growth
  • Not have won in the same category in the past three years
  • Not have anyone in your management, on your board, or in your employ serving on the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction judging committee for this category
  • If you are a non-for-profit organization, no more than 30% of annual revenue can be directly funded by Government envelopes. This does not apply to regular procurement


Award applicants are not required to be a member of an Alberta Chamber of Commerce.



Entry Deadline


To be eligible, your submission must be received by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce office no later than February 22, 2022. Due to the number of entries received, entry packages cannot be returned. If unable to submit your application electronically, please submit a printed copy of this form and all other documents to the following:

Alberta Business Awards of Distinction
c/o Alberta Chambers of Commerce
#714 Ledgeview, 9707 110 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2L9


To begin your application process, please provide concise details for each requirement as it relates to your organization in the space provided. All fields are required.

(Unless otherwise stated, the character limit for each response box is 3500 characters.)

If you have extra material (Marketing plans/images) that does not fit into the space provided within the form, and you would like the judges to consider, please email, mail, or courier it to:

Zoë LeParque

Alberta Chambers of Commerce
#714 Ledgeview, 9707 110 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2L9


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